Version:0.1-Date:11/10/2017-Type:Simple Script

Start the development of the project on the local server

Download YouTube videos with all available visual and audio formats

Version:1.0-Date:23/08/2018-Type:Simple Script

Develop the project by adding other user features

- A large thumbnail of the video shown on the page

- After clicking on the image, watch the video in full screen

- After sharing on social sites, the picture appears larger and clearer than Facebook

- The button to join the channel owner appears to receive additional participants

- button to see all the images available for the published video

- Download the video in all available formats of video and audio

01/12/2018-Type:Simple Script

Publishing the project on the main server

Version:1.1-Date:12/12/2018-Type:Simple Script

Some responsive screen problems have been fixed Now it can be used on Mobile-Tablet- Desktop And Laptop

- Start developing a blog on the Wordpress platform for premium videos with the squeez-page to reach the audience of video enthusiasts

Version:2.0-Date:16/12/2018-Type:Simple Script

Some Download Videos Type And Size Videos problems have been fixed

Edit Styling And Responsive Screen(Desktop-Laptop-Mobile)

Version:2.1-Date:22/12/2018-Type:Simple Script

Adjusts the length and width of the images in the Og-Meta-Image

Change some links

Edit Styling

Version:2.2-Date:15/04/2019-Type:Simple Script

Page Fullscreen Direct temporary link on YouTube server Embed Page problems have been fixed

Version:2.3-Date:20/04/2019-Type:Simple Script

Page Fullscreen Embed Page Ytdvideo problems have been fixed

Version:2.4-Date:26/04/2019-Type:Simple Script

Page Download Videosproblems have been fixed

Version:2.5-Date:06/05/2019-Type:Simple Script

Add new links in Navbar - Create a group on the ~whatsapp - Modify some icons links

Version:2.6-Date:22/05/2019-Ramadan 17/ 1440-Type:Simple Script

Show the difference between a site's video link and a YouTube video link on the page header for site visitors - Modify some icons links

Version:2.7-Date:02/06/2019-Ramadan 27/ 1440-Type:Simple Script

Show Url YouTube's shortcut to visitors With adjustable buttons on the Navbar

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